Bible Alive: Plague of Frogs!

Soooo………  My wonderful picture of the kids playing this game is gone.  Disappeared into the nether of my computer.  So, I’ll tell you the rules of the game in a sec……


Frogs were EVERYWHERE! 


They were on their mantle, in the food, everywhere.


So, what better thing to do than play a rousing game of capture the frog?

Supplies: a large group of kids, a pile of frogs (say 15 or so), two rings or circles or something to put the frogs in, a timer



1.  Make a large pile of frogs (picture goes to pattern download).  I gathered a large stockpile of green fabric, and some green felt.  To save time I didn’t turn it, but declared it to be “rustic,” and left the edges raw.  I stuffed the frogs with fabric scraps to make it a big heavier for game play.


2.  At opposite ends of the room or wherever you’re playing set up two rings for the teams to deposit their frogs in.  In the middle of the room drop all the frogs in a pile.  We set up a no-mans land where you couldn’t be tagged, but that’s optional.



1.  Each round last 3 minutes.  Your goal is to get the most number of frogs in your circle at the end of the round.

2.  You can only carry one frog at a time.

3.  You can only tag someone who is on your side and is carrying a frog.

a.  Once you have been tagged you have to go back to your ring before you can try to get more frogs.

4.  You can not stand on your ring to guard it.  You can stand near it, but no babysitting.

5.  If you break any of the rules you are out for the round, no exceptions.


I think that’s all of the rules.  We played several rounds with our Sunday School class, and they loved it and requested to play it again the next week.  Which we were more than happy to let them do.

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