Connecticut, I finally get this written up

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I have at least two more states to write about, and these help me get organized for my posts over at ABC and 123 that I’m writing once a month on geography.
Yeah……. not a lot.  Just no really great books at my library.
P.T. Barnum and the circus– there’s so much you could do with this, but we limited it to about 30 minutes of activities, and the page I added in after the fact.

Nathan Hale– I have to admit I’ve always admire him, and when I found out he was Connecticut’s state hero, than I HAD to do something with him, and I found the perfect book.

Yankee Doodle– the state song.  To the right are my kid’s illustrations of their verses.

Make a state symbol book– link is to the printable,

Our final activity was our ill-fated experiment to try and make “rubber balls.”  Yeah………  Not so much, heep big mess, yes.

Other things to study, which I didn’t get a chance to do: Benedict Arnold and robins
Sigh, so depressing, it feels like there should be so much more I could do with this state……..

I’m gonna link this over to:
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