Make it yourself Father’s Day gift

Yes, I know Father’s Day was a few weeks ago, but this could easily be adapted to anybody, well parts of it could……..
I saw these SUPER cute printables over at An Alphamom, and knew this had to be our father’s day present.  So we made a quick run to the grocery store to get the necessary supplies, M&Ms, powerade, hershey’s chocolate bar, breath mints, etc…….  You’ll understand better when you see her printables.
Now, while the kids were busy drawing pictures for the book they were making, I was busy cutting and gluing all of the labels onto the gifts.
The kids were each given several pages saying “Daddy is my hero because,” and then they completed the sentence and drew a picture.

My personal favorite, “Daddy is my hero because he married Mommy and kisses her a lot.”

How’s that for cute?  Or, another favorite, “Daddy is my hero because he kills scorpions.”  The accompanying picture was of a scorpion bigger than the drawing of the Daddy squishing said scorpion.

It was also great for me to get insight into how they think.  I wouldn’t have thought they’d choose some of the things they did.  Princess was all about the hugs, and what Daddy does.  The boys were more of what Daddy does with them.  Can you see the difference in love languages?  Princess, more physical touch, and the boys are much more of the quality time.
And the present was a HUGE success.  Like I said, Jeff already has plans for us to make books like this for grandparents, etc… etc…….  I’d be curious to see what would be completing those sentences……

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