Bible Alive: Serving others

This past week our kids attended Kids Clubs.

What’s that you ask?  I’m glad you did, that’s our church’s version of VBS.  And I in all of my wisdom volunteered to be in charge of the food for our site for the week.

So my dining room table looked like this for the week.

And my van looked like this.  It’s food for approximately 200 people.  We sliced a lot of oranges, and served a lot of cookies.
Yes, that is 30 pizzas in my car, and we had NO leftovers.
Everyone pitched in to help.  God answered one of our biggest prayers.

We got a cool front.  The first day the weather was 100 something, and then it rained that night.  After that it was at least 10-5 degrees cooler.  I don’t think we broke 100 for the rest of the week.

In the end, all of the exhaustion, frayed tempers, spilled gravy was worth it.  I think the hardest part of it all isn’t to be a Martha in a Mary situation.
I’ll leave you with a few videos from our week:

There’s actually one for each day and for morning clubs and evening clubs, but that gives you the flavor.

Now head on over to Fantastic Five to see some other great ideas for living out your faith!

8 thoughts on “Bible Alive: Serving others

  1. Sounds like a fun – and very work-intensive – week! 200 people is a LOT, and I love that the Texas version of a cold front is not breaking 100 degrees!

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