Massachusetts: Pennies for Elephant

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If you haven’t read this book, go find a copy.  It is WAY TOO cute!  The story, the illustrations, the team work.

Quick Synopsis: A circus owner is retiring and has offered to give his 3 elephants to the Boston zoo if the city can pay $6000 (and this takes place in 1914, or somewhere close to that).  The city can’t pay it, so they throw it out to the children of the city to raise $6000 in 3 months.  The story follows two kids raising money and how they follow the newspaper articles of how kids raise money and how much.



Not particularly thinking of anything super cute for them to do, instead they acted as teams and had to come up with as many ideas as they could to raise money, pricing it for the time period.  I gave them an idea of how much other things cost, and the value of a dollar at that time.



Then after they’d brainstormed each team got to share how they were going to earn money.  They were quite the little entrepreneurs, and older girl wanted to keep her cards for ideas for earning money this summer.


Some of their ideas: wash people’s cars, rake leaves, throw a tea party for little girls and charge entrance.


And who won the boys vs. girls competition?  It was a tie.  The girls had more ideas, but their prices were not correct for the time period.  The boys had the right prices, but less ideas.  So each team got one piece of chocolate.  Probably the best outcome of all.

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