How do I study the Bible? a rambling answer that doesn’t really answer

Granola Mom for God is hosting a “What does your quiet time look like” party, I discovered it thanks to Adventures of Bear sharing her quiet time.


And as I thought about it, there are two different answers.  Because there are many ways I learn about God.  The first and most obvious is I read my Bible (more about that later).  But, I also learn about God from the movie I saw, when I see a character act the way I should, and I realize that is a failing I have.  I learn about God from the books I read, both fiction, non-fiction, children, and adult.  Particularly right now in the children’s historical books.  I look at the small details that turned a battle, two girls going out at night and playing a fife and drum, and I see God in the details.  He acts in the smallest things, I’ve seen it over and over again in my life.


So, I learn about God that way.  But, the specific question was what do my quiet times look like.


WELLLLLLL………  I’m weird.  All of these people talk about getting up early in the morning and reading their Bible and learning so much.  If this morning is any evidence that will never happen.  My kids came in at 7:30 and I convinced them to let me pretend to sleep for 10 more minutes.  I am NOT a morning person, and anyone who has talked to me in the morning will attest to that.


I have friends who say they have their quiet times in the middle of the day when their kids are napping, but I get too distracted then with all of the many things I want to do.


So, I’ve gone back to what has always worked for me: bedtime.  If I’m doing a Bible study with others I do a little bit of the homework each night.  If I don’t specifically have homework, like right now I read through a book of the Bible.  For me it’s always worked best if I took notes as I did, write observations, who’s doing stuff, what I notice about God, things I need to work on.


Right now I’m taking it a step further and using my quiet times as a time to write Bible stories, which is getting me to know these stories so much better…….  That’ll happen when you read a story 4 or 5 times in a row with a pencil in hand.  In that case, I’ll spend anywhere from 1-3 nights reading and taking notes, another night writing the story, and a final night writing question, activities, games, and the like.  Then when I go to type it up on my computer I add in anything else I think of in between.


Well, I’ve rambled for quite a while, and with no sign of a picture in this post.  How boring……..


Hopefully this afternoon, when I’m not feeling so tired and slightly sick, man this week has just got me exhausted………  I’m going to blame kids, they’re always a good source to blame stuff on.

10 thoughts on “How do I study the Bible? a rambling answer that doesn’t really answer

  1. I would love to sleep until 7:30. I'm usually up by 6 and it's not by choice – my husband gets up and he likes company so I usually get up to talk to him. If I do sleep, it's not past 6:30 because everyone has to get ready for school, and the dog doesn't have a lot of patience either.

  2. I am a morning person, and enjoy morning reading, but have always been able to keep a before bed reading time more consistently. Lately though, I've found almost every second of the day seems to be sucked up by someone wanting my attention or company – not as much quiet time as I would like!

    I look forward to the day when all those Bible stories of yours make it to a publisher 🙂

  3. I hope you feel better soon!

    My quiet time is while I'm putting the kids to bed. They expect me to lie next to them until they fall asleep – which is going to make the next four nights very interesting for Mike!

    Sleeping until 7:30 sounds heavenly! I'm lucky to make it until 5:30..

  4. Like you T-I have to do my reading and studying at night.

    1) it actually calms me down and I can sleep better

    2) while I am up at the crack of dawn, I don't have time trying to get myself ready and my toddler ready to be out the door at a certain time…it was easier when the crib was in use, now a toddler bed changes morning….

    3) we do manage to pray for our day once strapped in the car and breathing for a few minutes.

    4) I read Tigger a Bible verse/chapter and her lesson every night before her bedtime.

    and that's me 🙂 Mornings wouldn't work for me anyways I love to sleep if I didn't have to go to work lol

  5. Now that we're reading through the Bible in a year, I take the first bit of the kids' nap/quiet time to read a couple chapters. HOWEVER I do not feel that I truly study the Bible. I don't take notes…sometimes I read it like a book…just with my eyes. Awful I know.

    So will you update us on your children's stories? Have you submitted them to any publishers yet? Can't wait!

  6. I use to have my quiet time in the morning, but now that Selena is 4 it is so not happening. I find little pieces of time here and there through the day. Sometimes not as much as I would like, but I have to remember that I do work on my Sunday school material, teach Selena, so there is always a lot of time in God's word. I am also a firm believer in praying and talking to him throughout the day.

  7. I'm a morning person, but prefer to read at night too. My mother used to get up and have her quiet time before we all were up for the day. I think she still does…
    Little Wonders' Days

  8. oh, another NOT MORNING PERSON – I always felt so guilty about hating the mornings – but now that I read blogs, I'm seeing I'm not alone. 🙂
    I love how you shared about learning about God all day long thru books, movies, etc … that is SO true. Thanks for sharing your quiet time.

  9. Ahhhhh!!! You made me laugh! No pictures and pretending to be asleep for another 10 minutes!!!

    glad you have a routine that works for you. I'm not a morning person. the kids know — let me have my coffee and bible first . . .then talk to me. But if i do it at night . . . I kind of have a tendency to flake out.

    Sigh. Thanks for sharing and being real!

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