Make Way for Ducklings

I was trying to come up with a great activity to do with “Make Way for Ducklings,” it’s the ‘Official State Picture book’ of Massachusetts, thanks to a third grade class lobbying for its inclusion.  I was really struggling with what to do that was age appropriate for little kids and older kids.  Then I found this idea. 




I don’t have a lot of pictures of this activity because they did it while I was reading the story.  Okay, I have one, taken afterwards.  I went to this page and printed off one of their map pages.  As I named the places in the story they found it and drew how they got there.


This was great because it was a struggle for my kids to figure it out, and a great review for the older kids.  My kids really loved it!



Here’s some additional links I found:

Homeschool Share unit on Make Way for Ducklings

pictures of the statues

8 thoughts on “Make Way for Ducklings

  1. We always take pictures with the statues when we are in Boston. Also, every year on Mother's Day weekend there is a Make Way for Ducklings parade following the route from the book. Lots of little kids dress up as ducklings – it's super cute.

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