Georgia books

I realized I totally forgot to write about the books we read to go with Georgia, and the ones we weren’t able to get around to.  So, that’s our post to link up to Mouse Grows, Mouse Learns this week.
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I realized I didn’t particularly write a lesson for this one, so here’s one of the lessons that didn’t have any pictures or fun stuff to go with it.

I held up the covers of “Tough Boris” and “Pirates” and talked about fiction and nonfiction books.  Since some of the kids are older the older kids were able to explain what they were fairly well.  Then they made predictions of which one is which.  I gave them more credit for knowing their children’s authors than they knew, or maybe it’s just the teacher in me that assumes everyone knows Gail Gibbons writes nonfiction and Mem Fox writes fiction.

Well, after our predictions I read the two, and they enjoyed both books.  If you ever get the chance I highly recommend both of them, but in particular Tough Boris.  It has a nice twist to it, and is very touching.  The pictures tell so much of the story that isn’t there in the words, intentionally to my mind.

I’d have to say the pirate books were the biggest hit for my all of the kids.  “Martin’s Big Words,” is a little over my kids head for the most part, but it was good to read.

Our library didn’t have any good books about Coca Cola, so if anyone knows a good one I’d love the suggestion.

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