Pay It Forward!

Ages and ages ago I won a Pay It Forward exchange from Kim over at Educating Crumpet.  And, I’ve had this post sitting here to write forEVER!  Well, now I’m finally getting around to it, and rather than make it into another Pay It Forward with all of the rules of that, instead I’m going to change it up and celebrate the fact that I’ve passed 300 followers!  How’s that for impressive?


To celebrate, I’m going to send a Texas goody bag out to 3 followers who comment, and I’ll pick who in about a week or so (I’ll give you a heads up).  I’ll try to stuff as much fun stuff as I can figure out into this box, but I haven’t figured out what’s going to be in it yet.  Probably some stuff that goes well with a geography study of Texas, and since I’ll be picking up stuff here and there the boxes won’t be the same.


To enter, just let me know you follow me and leave a comment.


PS: If you can tell me something fun to study for your state I’ll count that as an extra entry, I’m wanting all the fun stuff to study as I can get!

17 thoughts on “Pay It Forward!

  1. To study Maryland, I would study Blue Crabs as local seafood is the industry around here. I would study black-eyed susans, the state flower because they are pretty and they grow wild here. The state bird, Baltimore Orioles are beautiful, too. Baltimore has a fair bit of history with 1812 and Fort McHenry. I will let you know if I think of anything else.

  2. Now my brain is about to explode with all the cool stuff there is to study about Montana – bugs, dinosaurs, Yellowstone, Lewis and Clark, geology, ghost towns, Indian wars – I wouldn't know where to start, but I'm planning on sharing some on cool Montana bugs for Science Sunday, so maybe you can count that 🙂

  3. I'd love to win this, as we're doing a state study too…. would be more than glad to send you some TN stuff.

    As for TN, there's so much you can study… bluegrass, country, and rock music all are based in TN. You can talk about the Smoky Mountains, TN walking horses, Cherokee Indians and the trail of tears, the “volunteer state” — originated from war of 1812 when more people from TN volunteered to go to war than any other state, and Davy Crockett, to name a few!

  4. Congratulations on reaching 300 followers! I've been stuck in the 200s for ages…

    I follow you, and we would love to get a box of stuff from Texas from you! Speaking of which, we still have plans to send your kids post cards. Emma even made one for one of your boys, but now I don't know where it is. So we may have to make one for him as well as the other two. Maybe I need to make it a monthly goal or something…

  5. There is so much to study in MA, but since most of it is common knowledge, I'm trying to think of something unusual – did you know that Dr. Seuss was born here? While he moved around, he came back to MA to die – interesting, right? Also, basketball was invented in MA. The Boston subway is our nation's first subway and Boston Common is our nation's first public park. You will probably be happy to know that the first sewing machine was built in Boston! Yes, I am full of useless information that most people could care less about. I worked in the state house for a few years and since I was on the tour route, I heard this stuff all the time – never forgot it.

  6. There are lots of fun things to study about Indiana…but I'd have to say auto-racing (wouldn't that be a fun study with boys 🙂 …We're about to have the 100th running of the Indianapolis 500 this year. May is always a fun time in Indianapolis 🙂

  7. I follow. You've already done GA and to be honest, I can't think of much else, except that you could do amusement park physics since Six Flags is here. And should I have written that in a separate comment as my second entry? Oh well, just make it one entry. Feeling too lazy:)

  8. As for things to study in NY, I would say to study the agricultural side of NY, not just the city. Being that we're from a rural area and are from families of farmers, it's important to us!
    Also, you could read “Farmer Boy” by Laura Ingalls Wilder because Almanzo grew up in northern NY.

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