Coke library pocket– on the outside is glued an ad from Coke in the inside (in theory, this particular boy’s has walked off) is the ad the kid designed.

Trail of Tears– The kids loved making this flower

State symbols-Another honey bee for state insect.  The other thing that interested me is the marine animal.  The Right Whale, so called because of whalers.

Peanut butter printable (scroll down the page, it’s one of the images about halfway down or so, I copied the image and pasted into Word)

Peanut activity– a great excuse to eat lots of peanuts.

I have a Dream– someday my kids will dream a dream they can achieve, or that I can achieve.  I really have no clue how I’m going to make a working Iron Man costume for Batman.

Jolly Roger– from homeschool share scroll down to the bottom (no blog post on this because well, it wasn’t really interesting and we didn’t do all the fun stuff due to lack of time during our meeting).  I also just saw a cute post over at Fantastic Five on pirates she used a preschool pack from Homeschool Creations……  So, lots of options for this one.

Honey bee– nothing really to say…….


Incidentally, Superman says this is his book I took a picture of.  I think it’s Batman’s.  But, now I’m off to go play Monopoly Jr……  Joy!  Be back in a few

11 thoughts on “Georgia

  1. Looks great. When we were in Florida, I met a woman from Atlanta who told us that this year is a huge anniversary for Coke (can't remember how many years) and that there was a big celebration in GA that they were going home for.

  2. Sadly, no. I just didn't find a good book about them. I found a rather long nonfiction book, but didn't want to push the whole thing too much.

  3. Wow! Lots of fun stuff going on for Georgia! M is allergic to peanuts but that printable about how peanut butter is made is cool. We have a video from Little Hard Hats that is about farms, and it has a section all about making peanut butter too. It's interesting.

  4. These Geography/History studies I've been seeing with this carnival have been GREAT! Perhaps next year for us! Where do you get your scrapbooks? Thanks for stopping in my blog and commenting earlier! We're STILL anxiously awaiting our chicks – hopefully today or tomorrow!


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