History: Exploring a World War 2 Sub



First we explored a World War 2 Destroyer, one of two still in existence.  For the most part it’s not that intriguing except the galley, can you imagine cooking for 220 people in here?  I bet they were always cooking.  Nonstop.  And imagine the dishes…..


IMG_1466 IMG_1467

The other intriguing thing was the bathrooms, and the sign about the bathrooms.  The kids were rather intrigued by the complete lack of privacy.  We pointed it out to the boys and then had to very quickly back pedal because Batman joked about going potty there…….



But, the submarine was the fascinating part.  Because space is such a premium almost every space doubled as something else.  So, 10 people slept in the same room as the torpedo room.  I kept trying to figure out how you slept with all of the excitement going on.  They also frequently “hot bunked,” which meant when you were on duty someone else was sleeping in your bunk.



And here again is the galley.  I was just intrigued by the places they had to cook in.  Probably because I spend so much time cooking.  There were two different cooks, a day shift and a night shift.  The night shift was responsible for baking all of the bread, deserts, a midnight snack, and an early breakfast.





And after all of that hard work of walking around seeing these old ships.  Actually I found out the destroyer was a ship, and the sub is a boat.  I don’t really understand the difference.  But, you need to go to sleep with your brand new “Explorer pack” knife firmly clutched in your hands to keep your brother and sister safe from any danger they might encounter…….

10 thoughts on “History: Exploring a World War 2 Sub

  1. There is a battleship right near us that my kids love to explore. I think the potty in ours is behind glass – sealed off, it's probably for the best!

  2. Well, I'm going to answer Almost Unschooling here even if her comment is now deleted thanks to the crazy it all disappearing for a while.

    My best guess, they had a midnight snack because there was a crew working night shift, so for them that would have been dinner, but the original dinner had been served several hours before. All in all it seems like it'd be very confusing.

  3. My husband used to ride subs, and they still hotbunk and sleep on torpedoes… We have a sub we can tour right down the road and Crumpet loves to visit. He especially loves shooting the guns… Hubby pointed out that no matter how cramped you feel like it is, it is worse in real life because they pack the halls with all the food and supplies they will need for months underwater, so you can barely walk through the sub…

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