Beach party!

IMG_1298 Let’s go surfing now

Everyone is learning how

Come on a safari with me!


Does anyone else think that last line makes no sense?  Or is that just me?


IMG_1301 IMG_1300


IMG_1308 IMG_1305

Aw man, I thought I had a photo of Sean’s completed castle, but apparently I don’t.  Maybe some kind Aunt Jenn will be nice and send me a picture………  I could trade her funny pictures of Sean playing with the boys.  I know silly pictures are not unusual……..


We’re planning another trip by the beach today (these are from earlier in the week), and hopefully we’ll successfully collect some fun shells.  I found the perfect shell identification booklet for the kids to find out what we’ve caught!  I can’t wait to sue it.

4 thoughts on “Beach party!

  1. Oh how I miss the beach. It's only 50 degrees here today, so it would be a really cold and windy day for the beach.

    That song has been stuck in my head for months because it is the song for R's tap routine at dance. Surfing safari – I don't know, I guess I haven't listened to all of the words. Now, I'll have to pay attention.

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