Science Sunday: Deep water

Well, last week I talked about how the wind and surface waves, this week we’re diving down deep to see what it’s like on the Abyssal Plains, where my kids were very disappointed to learn sharks and manta rays did not learn.  I can see how this science book is going to go, “Mom do manta rays eat this?” “No, they don’t.”  “Oh, can I pretend manta rays eat them?”

So, after clarifying that manta rays and sharks do not go down there we got out a balloon or three.

Then to make sure they would pay attention to the lesson they got to play for five minutes or so.


We sat down in the kitchen and talked about how the balloon was like the air in our lungs and the air inside of fish.  We talked about how big it was right now, and nice and round.

Then to show how much pressure there is when you go deep into the ocean they laid on top of the balloons to show how it smashes the balloon down.  They were very careful to not put too much pressure on their balloons and pop the OH SO IMPORTANT balloons.

Very important.  It was a great tragedy when later Mac popped one of the balloons while chasing it.  The teary eyed boy then had to go outside and find all the broken balloon pieces before he was given a new balloon.

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