Math Monday: using the aids available


I love this because Princess is remembering we have a 100s chart to help her figure out the answers.


She’s continuing to use the Preschool Packs over at Musings of Me to work on her counting about 10.  So, she takes her card over to the 100s chart and looks to see what the missing number is.


It’s such a nice simple way for her to work on her math.  I’m actually thinking of making each of my kids an office like I had for my students when I was teaching after listening to a talk about teaching distractable children.  Yes, yes that would be mine.  Mine are very distractable, not to the insane level of the kids she was talking about, but mine don’t concentrate super well.


If you want our hundreds chart, which is just printed on cardstock and cut out in rows.  Here’s the link:

hundreds chart.

Counting by 2s

Counting by 5s

Counting by 10s

I alternate which one I currently have in there and that’s the skill we work on each morning for counting (we count to 100 every morning, but which skip counting we do).

8 thoughts on “Math Monday: using the aids available

  1. We had pocket charts- Ki used them to put his work in the order he wanted to do them- then told me what he was going to do for each subject.

    a 100 chart would have been neat to have. wee did have large number lines.

    Good Job Princess!!

    PS- yes we LARP. My husband gets out there every week almost- but not for the whole time. I dress up and sometimes I'll fight, too. AMTGARD (the name of what we do) is low-key, easy, friendly LARP- not the serious stuff . (I added a small pic of me dressed in my outfit- at the bottom)

  2. This is great that she remembers the 100 chart and uses it to remind herself. Selena use to use ours a lot, but now she hardly looks at it at all.

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