Because I need to have at least one of these each year.  Even though there just weren’t any really great bluebonnet shots to be found.



Batman wanted a picture in front of the yellow flowers.  And for the record, Batman is the one in the dark shirt.




You can’t really see the flowers, but there are some behind me.  Mainly I like this one because it has me in it with all of the kids hugging me.


This would be a sandwich hug, you’d get that joke if I ever completed the art activity I want to do.  Hopefully soon.


See what I mean about the flowers being rather pitiful?  Usually you’d just see this field of blue.  Sadness.  When we were driving home from Mississippi I saw some fields like that, but then Princess was sick and we weren’t going to stop.


This is over by Jeff’s work, and after he went back to work the kids enjoyed playing in the water.



We finally found a “decent,” and by decent I really mean that it wasn’t completely and totally pathetic, just a little bit.


But, then they were feeling silly or tired of taking pictures, so I got shots like this.




The boys were cooperative enough to get me these two shots.  I actually like the one on the left a bit more, it’s not as posed.


And I got these slightly silly individual shots. I like the one of Princess a lot.



So, I was looking through some old pictures trying to delete down a bit, and I noticed something:

1.  We don’t seem to have any vacation pictures where at least one of my boys doesn’t end up with a head wound.


2.  It’s always on the right side of the head, usually close to the hair line.




3.  It’s never Princess.  Her only head wound comes from her brothers dropping a shovel on her head.


Yeah, that was a fun night.  I’m calmly getting dinner ready and the boys come in saying, “Mom, Princess is red.”  She’s red, what does that mean?  And then I see what that means.  She’s covered in blood and I can’t see where the injury is.  So, into the bath tub as I attempt to get the blood off enough to discover the wound.  Head wounds bleed a lot.  No really, a lot.

Eventually I discovered the wound right on top of her head, and after putting pressure on it the bleeding stopped and all was well.  Okay, not well.  At that point in time I had three kids with head wounds.  Batman was recovering from this one.  Then a week later his brother got an identical head wound.  And then her.  Seriously, my kids………

11 thoughts on “Bluebonnets!

  1. ha ha….didn't Batman fall at the zoo when you visited and got the same exact head wound? Ihaven't had those, but the head bruises are the same here….oiy!

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