Veggietales: Easter Carol



So, we were given a second copy of this DVD, and while it’s one of my favorite Veggietales, I really DON’T need two copies.


So, if you want it, leave a comment saying something you do to remember Jesus is “the reason for the season,” so to speak.


And many thanks to Jolanthe for hosting these giveaways!


28 thoughts on “Veggietales: Easter Carol

  1. We love veggietales! And I don't think we've even seen this one!

    One things we did this year, courtesy of a friend's church activity that we attended, and that I would like to do again in the future, was to build a little model of the Easter story. They filled a little bin with dirt, added a stone with some clay over it for the tomb, a cross for the cross, and flowers and another rock for the Garden of Gethsemane. I thought it was a great way to help preschoolers visualize the Easter story!

  2. So, is this VeggieTales focused on the reason? With the new Easter VT covered in rabbit ears, I wasn't confident enough to buy it and haven't heard much about it.

    Anyway, to answer the question: this year, I made “Resurrection Rolls” w/ my daughter and read My Easter Basket (and the True Story of Easter), which I recommend, especially for those who many not want to emphasize the basket/egg hunt activities, but can't really get away from it for whatever reason.

  3. We did resurrection rolls for the first time this year, and my daughter LOVED it! She really grasped and got a lot out of it. I'm thinking she might be a visual learner =)

  4. This year as you know Selena was in her first ever skit on Good Friday, but we always have a bible lesson on Easter. We discuss where the Easter egg originated, and Easter bunny, as well as all the reasons we get new clothes etc.

  5. You mean besides drilling my daughter, every time the bunny is mentioned, on why we celebrate Easter? I love that Easter is always on a Sunday, so we always spend three hours at church!

  6. Would love to get this one!
    We are making a tradition to make a playdough resurrection mountain every year (it's from the Desiring God blog, if you want more info). We've done it for two years so far, and it's great, really helps my 4yo understand the story better!

  7. ah, the kids would love this! This year we did “12 days of Easter” with the resurection Eggs and some different crafts. My kids are young and so we are in the process of forming traditions that will carry us through 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win!

  8. We did the same as the commenter above- grilled our kiddos in regards to the Bunny. And guess which kid “spoiled” the fun for the rest while at pre-school this week? Whoops! We also have done resurrection rolls and eggs, read the Bible story, attended church services, etc.


  9. I would LOVE to have this for my girls… to be honest I'm not sure where to start putting the real meaning into it for them and I'm always looking for ways to introduce more info in a safe way for them. Thankyou for the chance to win this!!

    wpooh_9 at hotmail dot com

  10. We started doing the Resurrection eggs this year with my kids, even though they didn't quite understand it yet, but it's important to teach them from when they are young. And my kids love Veggie Tales. Thanks for hosting this giveaway!
    (I live overseas but have a US shipping address!)

  11. Would love to enter to win. Thanks!
    We did Resurrection Eggs again this year, which is neat to see our older girls tell the story themselves. We also did Resurrection Rolls for the first time … LOVED seeing their faces when they found them empty!

  12. Reading the story, thanking Him for what He's done is the best way I could help them this year (we were away from home!). Thanks for a chance to win. I have a US address if you happen to wonder.

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