New Jersey state study


As you can see there’s not a lot in the book itself, but there is some stuff (including the Valley Forge page, which I’ve since learned should be in Pennsylvania……).

horse NJ


State animal: horse.  Princess was so happy.



New Jersey


And my usual state symbol page.  The kids were amused at some of the symbols, but mostly they liked the dinosaur.


I need to start a graph of how many different states have bee as their state insect.


Thomas Edison– you have to click on the link to get the full idea, but his lab was here, and he made a LOT of inventions.

The paper with his name on it has a picture of three of his inventions.



Other activities not pictured, or that we didn’t get done:


Dinosaur dig– in honor of the first dinosaur nearly complete dinosaur that was found in New Jersey.

My kids still try to get out their bags of pieces from time to time…….




Blueberries– Wildly popular book series (okay in my house, it’s out of print in reality) about two Polar Bears trying to steal blueberry muffins.  One of the things New Jersey is known for.


Diners- New Jersey has the most diners per capita of any other state I found some cute books, one of which called Minnie’s Diner, totally recommend that one, and it was going to be a great math multiplication activity.  It just never happened.  Seriously, I had to recheck that book about 2 times. Widgets

I’m going to share this at some of my favorite blogs: Homeschool Creations, Children Grow, Children Explore, Children Learn, and Mouse Grows, Mouse Learns.   And coming in a few hours, Georgia. 


6 thoughts on “New Jersey state study

  1. After having lived in NJ for several years I think of it as a rather pretty state if one gets off the Turnpike or Garden State Parkway. We read Bear book, and it was kind of entertaining, but Anna felt that the police was kind of mean to bears. Thanks (in advance :)) for joining WMCIR!

  2. Georgia, Kansas, New Jersey, Oklahoma, Utah, and that's just the states I've made state symbols pages for. There's also two states so far that have lady bug as their state insect. I know there was a couple with Monarch butterfly……

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