Geography: Easter in Latvia

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One of the ladies who does the geography group with me is from Latvia, and she was very excited to have everyone die Easter eggs the way she did growing up, with natural dies.




You start by getting leaves, flowers and such things and wrapping them with string around the eggs.


After you’ve done this you put the eggs in panty hose that are tied tightly around the eggs to hold it all in place.



Then you put the eggs in the onion skin mixture that’s been prepared.

To prepare the onion skins mixture you boil the onion skins for 5 minutes or so the night before and then let it steep for a while (I’ve seen some blog posts say this isn’t necessary, but this is how she taught us).



Boil the eggs for 30 minutes, and pull the eggs out of the water and put them in cold water to cool.  That last part might just be so we could handle them in the time we had.


Take the egg out of it’s panty hose holder and take the string off.

Now hold up your creations and admire them.



Don’t they all look wonderful?  I’m planning on trying some other natural dies this afternoon with my kids (this afternoon being Good Friday when I write this post).

6 thoughts on “Geography: Easter in Latvia

  1. That is very cool. How neat to have her teach everyone the way she dyed eggs in Latvia! I was surprised to read that you boil the eggs for 30 minutes – you don't eat them after, do you?

    I love the watermelon dress.

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