Bible Alive: Sharing the fun

So, this probably isn’t technically a Bible Alive post, but it’s Easter related, and is a way of getting your kids to think about others at holidays.


I love the Dating Divas website, they have a lot of great ideas for fun date nights, and it’s just fun to see a website devoted to making your marriage better that isn’t too serious.  Well, last week they put up a post about “egging” your friend’s house, and I LOVED this idea.


So, I asked the kids who they wanted to give eggs to and they immediately listed off 3 families (I’ll add those were the 3 families they had seen the night before).


014Then we headed off to the Dollar Tree and picked up some little things that would fit in eggs: plastic soldiers, puzzles, barrettes, links to make bracelets.  I had wanted to put together a few mini-craft kits, but didn’t get that done.


And the kids happily put things in there.  I had to show them you can fit more than 1 barrette in an egg.  But, they caught on pretty quickly.



We drove to the houses vaguely early Saturday morning, ran around like madmen hiding eggs.  The kids would run back to the car, and then Jeff or I would ring the door bell.




Only one of the famlies was home, and the kids happily ran out and gathered eggs.


The first family we think was out of town for the weekend, oops.  The last family the Dad was home, he came out looked around didn’t see the eggs, saw the sign, took it in and then I guess went back to watching TV.  They did eventually find the eggs.


Sorry for the blurriness of the pictures, but well….  It’s hard to get a good picture from a car as you’re driving away trying not to be seen.  We got caught two of the times by dead ends, but it was fun.  Both of those families said they plan on doing it next year, and I’m thinking this is a new family tradition.  It encourages the kids to think of others, which is ALWAYS a good thing.


And the shrinky dink resurrection eggs were a huge hit.  Only problem my local Joanns didn’t have the printable ones, so I had to trace out all 18 sets…… Ouch.

10 thoughts on “Bible Alive: Sharing the fun

  1. When you stop and think about how true this activity is to how the Easter egg got started by the early missionaries, it truly makes sense to make this a tradition.

  2. OUCH is right! I got the printable shrinky dink pages from Michael's – not that it would help you now!

    I love this activity and I'm going to make a note to do it with my kids next year. They love to surprise people with fun things like this.

  3. This ideas is so much more fun than the “egging” people do to others homes during Halloween…

    (Oh, and I am SO SORRY you had to TRACE all your shrinkie dinks- Did ya get blisters?)

  4. This is such a neat idea! It sounds like so much fun, too. We will have to do this next year. We passed out Valentine's at a local nursing home this year, and it was so rewarding for all of us. I think the Easter eggs would be a big hit for that too. Thanks for sharing.

  5. This is such a wonderful idea! It is so important to attach the spirit of giving with the holidays -especially the holidays surrounding Jesus. What fun!

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