What My Kiddos are Reading: Playful Learning edition

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So, a couple of months ago I was asked to read and review a book called “Playful Learning,” and I thought, “SCORE!  I’m all for play combined with learning.”  If you haven’t figured that out yet, than I need to change my blog to make that more obvious.  I’m also all for book learning, but my kids definitely learn best with hands on learning (side note I was reading a book that talked about learning styles, Princess definitely auditory, boys totally hands on).  The only reason my review took so long is it’s a digital edition and I have to steal Jeff’s Nook to read it more quickly, and well Jeff guards that thing with his life.  Note to self, start saving for my own Nook so I can read more books like these.

I started reading it, and like with “The Write Start,” I thought, “Oh those pictures, I wish my house looked like that.”  Note to self, work on cleaning and organizing more.  Check.

And then I thought, “I need to try this, and this, and this, and there are a lot of good common sense ideas I knew but needed to be reminded of.”

So, it’s divided into different chapters, and here’s some of the chapters: The Joy of Reading, Mathematicians at Work, Scientific Investigations, Exploration of Art and Artists, Growing Globally.  And there’s several more chapters, so you can see why I like this book, every chapter is something I want to do and work on.

Now, throughout each chapter they had suggestions of books to read and do activities with, many of which I own and have used before (a nice pat on the back for me), many of which I have seen recommended elsewhere.  So, I thought for my review to write about some of the books recommended, and add a few suggestions of my own.
<a href=”http://ws.amazon.com/widgets/q?rt=tf_cw&ServiceVersion=20070822&MarketPlace=US&ID=V20070822%2FUS%2Fadvenofmommy-20%2F8010%2F576b6869-565b-4833-a7a2-a5550745769f&Operation=NoScript”>Amazon.com Widgets</a>
I’ll highlight a few of these, and throw in some that didn’t make it into this list.  Actually, I only made it through about 2 chapters before I ran out of room in my carousel, but I love all of these books.

Wilfrid Partridge- This is a delightful Mem Fox book, that is great for storytelling, and I just love how it flows

Jolly Postman, Dear Mr. Blueberry, and Yours Truly Goldilocks- There are all letter books.  Jolly Postman isn’t told through letters, it’s got envelopes and you read the letters the postman delivers.  The cool part about it is you get to see different styles of letters.  Dear Mr. Blueberry is also a good one for a science unit, that’s how we used it when I taught second grade.  I love “Your Truly Goldilocks” as a fractured fairy tales type of book, and seeing “behind the fairy tale,” so to speak.

Other favorites that didn’t make it into the carousel, but I TOTALLY recommend

Math Start books by Stuart J. Murphy– almost every math topic you teach in the first few grades is covered in one of these books.  My kids in particular like Monster Musical Chairs, subtraction by one.  I buy these books every time I see them at used book stores.

Me on the Map– As you can see from the link, I’ve used this book A LOT!  I also love all of Joan Sweeney’s books in this series, “Me and My Place in Space,” “Me Counting Time,” “Me and My Amazing Body……” you get the idea.  All of these books could be used for activities inspired by this book.

Authors that always work for playful learning: Eric Carle, Dr. Seuss, Karma Wilson (LOVE HER).

How about you guys?  How are you a playful teacher or a playful learner?  What’s your favorite activities?

4 thoughts on “What My Kiddos are Reading: Playful Learning edition

  1. Oh, what a great post! I have to look for this book. I want to be a playful teacher, and I used to invent my own games for my own learning, but I don't want to use them with Anna, because they were all about points I would give myself and then rewarding myself 🙂

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