Geography: Georgia and Coke’s great advertising



I think we can all remember our favorite Coke ad.



First I introduced the idea of how there are so many iconic Coke images, and they are one of the best companies at advertising.  Each kid had a Coke commercial picture at their place and got a chance to share it.



After we talked for a while and looked at various examples I turned them lose with an index card, lots of stickers, and coke bottle pictures that I printed out.


Then they designed their own ads:

And I’d show you Princess’ but she was so quiet the video didn’t really turn out, but she did smile most adorably……..

6 thoughts on “Geography: Georgia and Coke’s great advertising

  1. I never would have thought of something like this as a homeschool activity for kids, but it's fantastic! I don't like Coke, but I agree they have fantastic ads.

  2. ok so this comment is random and has nothing to do with your post…but since you commented…I'll ask…uh you'll need to teach this very new blogger how to “link my comments to e-mail” or whatever you said on my blog LOL…..teach me oh wise one…..

    I like all your lessons…so cute 🙂

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