Science Sunday: Thomas Edison

Science Sunday


Does anyone else confuse Thomas Edison and Albert Einstein in their heads?  I know they’re two completely separate people, but I keep confusing their names.



I did something a little different for this exercise.  I gave complete control to one of the older kids, and she taught the entire lesson on Edison.  She pulled out things I wouldn’t have thought of, and she copied pictures of the different things he invented and then cut out one for each kiddo to have.



And then she said, “Thomas Edison never looked at something without trying to improve it.” Then she split them up into groups and gave them each a common item to improve.

The items were: a jar, a spoon, a tea cup, and an eraser.


So, they brainstormed for a while, and then presented their improvements.  I was amused by all of them, but for your sake am only going to show you two of the pairings, the one that includes Batman, and the one that includes Princess (mainly because Princess cracks me up as Boy E is trying to talk).

So, all in all it was a very amusing lesson, and one that I think all of the kids enjoyed and hopefully remember. Any fun and exciting things you guys did this week? I’m gonna go back through last weeks tomorrow, hopefully, fingers crossed. I’m now safely back home, and will hopefully get a chance to write the rest of this weeks posts!

9 thoughts on “Science Sunday: Thomas Edison

  1. When I taught 8th grade, one of our favorite activities was to have a student teach the class on a specific topic – kids love that.

    Princess is just too cute.

  2. I love the idea of having the older kids teach the lesson. Teaching really is the best way to learn!

    I am joining up a bit late- missed Sunday by a bit. I have enjoyed reading some of the other contributions though!

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