Mississippi Science and Nature Center and family shots

After a few false starts this morning (Mom’s phone steered us wrong in how to get to the museum, and then the kid museum wasn’t opening until noon), we got to the Science Museum.IMG_1015

And it has the coolest butterfly exhibit right now.  As part of it you go through a maze making decisions for the young caterpillar.  Here we are working together to move our caterpillar across the leaf.





And then we had to practice climbing from leaf to leaf.  By the way, do you know how hard it is to get pictures of three kids all looking the same way at the same time?



And then they became a chrysalis.


My kids have just told me “Rapunzel’s Mom is mean.”  I asked them if I should lock them in a tower, and they said, “No, then we’d throw you out the tower.”


Note to self, do not lock them in a tower.

IMG_1028 And then imagine I trusted my internet connection here enough to upload a cute movie of the kids pretending to be butterflies and trying to attract a mate.  I”ll pretend to upload it later.  Right now I’m trying to upload onto facebook a video of Superman talking to Jeff.


Wow, letting them watch Rapunzel turns me into the nicest Mommy ever.  I’m getting constant compliments of what a nice Mommy I am.  SCORE!



We back to the hotel and spent the rest of the afternoon swimming and having fun at the best hotel EVER!


I mean seriously, we were swimming and they brought in a giant trash bag full of swim toys for the kids and they finished blowing it up.  If you ever go to Jackson, Mississippi stay at the Country Hotel and Suites.

IMG_1034 IMG_1045

I love this scene in Rapunzel, “I am never going back, I am a despicable human being, BEST day ever!”

Okay, back to the point.  As the kids mostly happily played, Mom and I looked at pictures of me as a little kid, and pictures of my Dad.  Occasionally calling the kids over to see some especially grIMG_1050eat memory.  Like these two pictures.


And, I’ll leave you hanging on a funny story about my Mom………  No really, when this event happened a few years ago I nearly crashed my car in shock with what she said.

6 thoughts on “Mississippi Science and Nature Center and family shots

  1. You are good with cliff hangers 🙂 For some reason I just can't get myself motivated to watch latest Disney flicks even though we own every animated movie from pre-kid era. Maybe it's because daughter stubbornly refuse to watch any fairy tale movies.

  2. Ha! YOu do love to keep us hanging! I love that part of the movie too – so funny; I thought the movie was so well done.

    It sounds like you are having a great time!

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