Science Sunday: Plants and seeds

Science Sunday
I was given a copy of Planting the Wild Garden by Blue Slip Media to review, and it couldn’t have come at a better time.


Because we’ve been planting a garden.  And before you ask, yes you NEED to dress as a pirate to plant your garden.

It’s a neccessity.

So, “Planting the Wild Garden,” is a story about how seeds are spread and it follows all of the different ways seeds are moved.

I loved the simplicity of this story and the pictures.  They reminded me of the Jan Brett style with pictures within pictures, but more calming.  It’s water color instead of acrylics, so the colors aren’t as bright.


Before reading it we had gone on our annual bluebonnet hike to find a good place to take pictures.  There’s not really any yet.  We need a good day of rain and then no rain for a while to get some.

So, we got a great chance to examine some flowers and try to look for their seeds.  We didn’t get to see the seeds yet, but we saw where the seeds would be.


After reading the book we talked about all the different ways seeds are strewn about, and I remembered this picture from an earlier walk.

It was a great talk about how seeds are grown.

So, all in all I think this book makes a great addition to anybody’s spring plant study.  I look forward to reading this book over and over again.

And, the kids and I are heading out of town to go visit my grandparents in Mississippi, so if you don’t hear from me much this week you’ll know why.  We’re off on a great adventure with my Mom.  Poor Jeff has to stay home and work with only Mac for company.

Oops, this was supposed to be scheduled for Sunday……..  So, it’s up a few days early.

14 thoughts on “Science Sunday: Plants and seeds

  1. Looks like a sweet little book. I am going to reserve it from our library!

    My post today is about flowers, too… and watching a Bill Nye video free online about flowers – perfect!

    Thanks for hosting this!


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