History: Archimedes


Now tell me the truth, who as soon as I said that thought of the little owl from Sword in the Stone?


Or was that just me?



For history last week one of our lessons was Archimedes and his many discoveries and how smart he was in matters of science.  Not so much, according to story, in his real life.  He may have been the founder of the absent-minded professor archetype.


But, back to my point.  Archimedes discovered the concept of mass and density, one day while in his bath tub.  Now, I suppose I could have done this lesson with a bath tub, but that would get into modesty issues and all that, so instead we used some metal toys.


We dropped them in and discovered, shocker of all shockers the water level did rise just like it did for Archimedes.  Now the water level also fell at an astonishing rate because of the imperfect seal of our sink.  I should have done this in a pot or something.


I also should have chosen things more dramatic than Batman, Martian Manhunter, and a matchbox car.  They were all metal and seemed hefty enough.



And, in case you were wondering, the little army men are still wildly popular.  That is now the preferred way of listening to history while enacting their Civil War battles with the cannons over and over and over again.  But, Lego history is still a favorite in our house.




I have requests for more guys.  They don’t realize how long it takes to cut out all of those little guys.  Really it takes FOREVER……., But they make great reenactments.  Seriously.



Ordinarily I’d tell you to head over to Children Grow, Children Explore, Children Learn, but this week her internet is down, so the linky isn’t up.  But, you can still head over to her site to see fun ideas from the past.

9 thoughts on “History: Archimedes

  1. I remember reading that Archimedes was presented with the task first to figure out if the king's crown jewels are fake or genuine. Then he figured out the way to do it by submerging the crown in the water and looking at the displaced volume. I really don't think daughter would get any of it just yet though.

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