Bible Alive: Nehemiah and someone else

It’s not coming to me as I write this title, but hopefully it will before I get done writing this post.  Otherwise I’ll just keep saying “someone else,” which I’m going to shorten to SE.


We went to our old standby for our Bible/history lessons: LEGOS!




SE went to the king and said, “The temple in Jerusalem is broken down.  I ask permission to fix it.”







Not only did the king grant him permission, but he offered to give them their supplies.





So, the Israelites set out to rebuild their temple.  They encountered many problems as they struggled to rebuild the temple and the walls.





They decided to carry weapons as they built and each person was assigned a specific part of the wall to rebuild.



And eventually the walls were rebuilt.


Yep, that’s it.  I think Ezra might be SE. 

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