Science Sunday: eggs

Science Sunday

We’re getting closer and closer to finishing up our bird study.  And then it’s a chapter or so on flying reptiles and we’ve finished our study of flying creatures.



As we read what’s in an egg I realized they weren’t getting it, so I cracked a few eggs open and we looked at it to figure out the different parts of an egg.  Hmmm, that reminds me I need to go look up a graphic of an egg……  Excuse me as I dash off to Homeschool Share.


Okay, found almost exactly what I need: here.




Then I pulled teeth to get descriptions of what the egg felt like and what the different parts are for.  Really you’d think I was torturing them with how they were acting.




It’s mainly Superman talking there, with me pulling better descriptions out of them.  But, sometimes to truly learn something (like the parts of an egg) you have to get hands on and gross.



And then you need to cook said science information.  It’s very scientific.  And yes, you do need an oven mitt the size of your arm to cook an egg.



Then happily devour any evidence.  A little later this afternoon (when they’re done eating lunch/watching Veggietales Easter Carol) we’re going to test their egg holders…….

14 thoughts on “Science Sunday: eggs

  1. This is one that Selena would have loved to have been a part of, she still talks about our egg experiment a year ago. I know I struggled with her playing with a raw egg, but how else are they going to learn? Now you should take them out with a boiled egg and a raw egg and do an egg drop like we did, just seal them in zip lock baggies to avoid the mess, and don't tell them which one is which.

  2. I bet they were just enjoying the “goo” too much to talk about it…I know I would be, but then I was the girl in high school who looked forward to dissecting critters in Biology…


  3. My kids all came running since my computer was talking. They had all kinds of questions about the other kids in the video-do we know them? Are they in a school? What are they doing? It was an education lesson all its own lol! Love the idea to document this in a video. And, I'm glad the kids got to eat the eggs :).

  4. Magic School Bus has an episode about the inside of chicken's eggs – you might want to check it out, if you haven't, yet. Have you watched the “new” Veggie Tale Easter show? I just saw it on Netflix, but I'm afraid we'll be disappointed, so I think I preview it first.

  5. I didn't even think to have my boys get 'messy' with eggs when we studied birds a few years back. Of course, they'd already helped with cracking eggs for breakfast and saw what was inside then. They just didn't touch them.


  6. I think the my comment got lost somehow. Hopefully I am not repeating myself.

    Great idea to get hands on with the eggs! I love the video.

    We had a few medical mishaps this week, so weren't not able to link up, but we will join in again next week. I'll have fun looking through the other posts!

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