Easter fun

011Well, like I said in a post that may or may not have been published by now, this is what comes of writing posts on two different computers.  I’m finishing up posting about our fun memory type posts, and this is our Easter one.


While I may have successfully used  natural dyes with my friend from Latvia, when I attempted to do some on my own using spices I was SO not successful, so we dug out the usual dye kit and got to dying.  The kids were quite happy.



Jeff showed them how to eat hard boiled eggs by dipping the end of it in salt.  Princess was the only one who really ate a lot of it.  The boys mainly used it as a salt delivery device and licked all of the salt off.




Easter Sunday we went to church and Princess showed us how she worships God.  It was the cutest thing in the world to see her like that.  I think this is one of my new favorite pictures of her.


Afterwards we went home and the kids helped stuff their Easter eggs.  They firmly believed that was their job.  I guess there will be no Easter bunny at this house.  I have no problem with that.

029 025 026 028

033 The kids had a blast finding the eggs, I got way too many this year.  I need to figure out the right ratio of eggs to kids, but everyone was happy, so it’s all good.


I”m not entirely sure Jeff would agree with me on that.

OH well…….


Because I need to have at least one of these each year.  Even though there just weren’t any really great bluebonnet shots to be found.



Batman wanted a picture in front of the yellow flowers.  And for the record, Batman is the one in the dark shirt.




You can’t really see the flowers, but there are some behind me.  Mainly I like this one because it has me in it with all of the kids hugging me.


This would be a sandwich hug, you’d get that joke if I ever completed the art activity I want to do.  Hopefully soon.


See what I mean about the flowers being rather pitiful?  Usually you’d just see this field of blue.  Sadness.  When we were driving home from Mississippi I saw some fields like that, but then Princess was sick and we weren’t going to stop.


This is over by Jeff’s work, and after he went back to work the kids enjoyed playing in the water.



We finally found a “decent,” and by decent I really mean that it wasn’t completely and totally pathetic, just a little bit.


But, then they were feeling silly or tired of taking pictures, so I got shots like this.




The boys were cooperative enough to get me these two shots.  I actually like the one on the left a bit more, it’s not as posed.


And I got these slightly silly individual shots. I like the one of Princess a lot.



So, I was looking through some old pictures trying to delete down a bit, and I noticed something:

1.  We don’t seem to have any vacation pictures where at least one of my boys doesn’t end up with a head wound.


2.  It’s always on the right side of the head, usually close to the hair line.




3.  It’s never Princess.  Her only head wound comes from her brothers dropping a shovel on her head.


Yeah, that was a fun night.  I’m calmly getting dinner ready and the boys come in saying, “Mom, Princess is red.”  She’s red, what does that mean?  And then I see what that means.  She’s covered in blood and I can’t see where the injury is.  So, into the bath tub as I attempt to get the blood off enough to discover the wound.  Head wounds bleed a lot.  No really, a lot.

Eventually I discovered the wound right on top of her head, and after putting pressure on it the bleeding stopped and all was well.  Okay, not well.  At that point in time I had three kids with head wounds.  Batman was recovering from this one.  Then a week later his brother got an identical head wound.  And then her.  Seriously, my kids………

Georgia: That great peanut growing state

I wanted to do something for peanuts with Georgia because I remembered that Georgia is one of the largest peanut producing states in our country.  I thought for a little bit, and then remembered this post from Almost Unschoolers.


By the way, it’s very helpful if you add the search this blog add on to your sidebar, that’s how I found that post I knew she’d written.

051So, I gave all the kids a peanut.  Superman was very excited because he LOVES peanuts.  Loves the things.


After doing a bit of exploring we found the newborn plant in the peanut.




Then on the outside of the paper I gave them they drew a picture of what they discovered.  The older kids also labeled the parts.


Batman was not feeling the picture love right then.




Superman, on the other hand was a happy as could be because he got to eat his peanut, and about half the kids there gave him their peanuts.


Seventh Heaven.

On the inside of their paper they wrote/drew as many uses as they could think of for peanuts, and then continuing to take a page from Almost Unschoolers we ate Peanut Butter cookies.


So, I think this is the last activity to blog about for Georgia.  Now, I have two states to write summaries of in the next day or so……….

New Jersey state study


As you can see there’s not a lot in the book itself, but there is some stuff (including the Valley Forge page, which I’ve since learned should be in Pennsylvania……).

horse NJ


State animal: horse.  Princess was so happy.



New Jersey


And my usual state symbol page.  The kids were amused at some of the symbols, but mostly they liked the dinosaur.


I need to start a graph of how many different states have bee as their state insect.


Thomas Edison– you have to click on the link to get the full idea, but his lab was here, and he made a LOT of inventions.

The paper with his name on it has a picture of three of his inventions.



Other activities not pictured, or that we didn’t get done:


Dinosaur dig– in honor of the first dinosaur nearly complete dinosaur that was found in New Jersey.

My kids still try to get out their bags of pieces from time to time…….




Blueberries– Wildly popular book series (okay in my house, it’s out of print in reality) about two Polar Bears trying to steal blueberry muffins.  One of the things New Jersey is known for.


Diners- New Jersey has the most diners per capita of any other state I found some cute books, one of which called Minnie’s Diner, totally recommend that one, and it was going to be a great math multiplication activity.  It just never happened.  Seriously, I had to recheck that book about 2 times.

Amazon.com Widgets

I’m going to share this at some of my favorite blogs: Homeschool Creations, Children Grow, Children Explore, Children Learn, and Mouse Grows, Mouse Learns.   And coming in a few hours, Georgia. 


Veggietales: Easter Carol



So, we were given a second copy of this DVD, and while it’s one of my favorite Veggietales, I really DON’T need two copies.


So, if you want it, leave a comment saying something you do to remember Jesus is “the reason for the season,” so to speak.


And many thanks to Jolanthe for hosting these giveaways!

Math U See Primer

We are DONE with Kindergarten Math.  Well, the boys are solidly done.  Princess is still not wanting to do Primer.  And since she’s 4 I’m not going to push her, but we don’t need the videos anymore.

Yes, I’m lazy and took the picture from the website.  I know where the DVD is, and I’m looking for the book.  But, honestly you can teach this just from the DVD, it’s mostly counting and early addition.

GIVEAWAY DETAILS:  Closes Monday May 2, and I’ll ship international cause I’m feeling nice.

How to enter: Leave a comment tell me what fun things do you do for your math lessons?

Extra entries: follow, like me on FB, or give me more ideas.  Leave a separate comment for each entry.  Oh, and extra entry if you have a giveaway as well.

I have two more giveaways of DVDs to put up.  At some point I’ll get organized and get out some of my books.
IMPORTANT: This is not the student manual, you will need to purchase that.

Georgia: Martin Luther King Jr.

Shibley Smiles


As part of looking up different things about the state of Georgia I found out that Martin Luther King Jr. is from there.  So, was Jackie Robinson, but I ended up deciding to study Jackie Robinson for New York, since that’s where the team he played for was from.


But, here’s the dilemma I’m running into for famous people.  Do you study them for where they were born or where the thing they’re famous for happened?

See, MLK was born in Georgia, but his famous “I Have a Dream” speech happened in Washington DC, and many of his activist things happened in other states.  So, you can see my dilemma.  But, after all was said and done I left him in Georgia.



After reading the book they were each given a slip of paper.  On the outside they wrote “I have a dream.”


I know, very original.



My kids dreams should come as no surprise to you.  That is Superman.  His dream is to be a clone trooper with TWO guns, on the other side of the ship is a friend who only has 1 gun.


Batman wants to be Iron Man, and he’s going to fight bad guys.  Princess drew PONIES!

Man, I jinxed myself telling Jeff on the phone just now that the kids are napping.  Oh well.

Now the other, older kids mostly had dreams like “defeating sickness,” or other noble dreams.

Geography: Easter in Latvia

Photobucket 046


One of the ladies who does the geography group with me is from Latvia, and she was very excited to have everyone die Easter eggs the way she did growing up, with natural dies.




You start by getting leaves, flowers and such things and wrapping them with string around the eggs.


After you’ve done this you put the eggs in panty hose that are tied tightly around the eggs to hold it all in place.



Then you put the eggs in the onion skin mixture that’s been prepared.

To prepare the onion skins mixture you boil the onion skins for 5 minutes or so the night before and then let it steep for a while (I’ve seen some blog posts say this isn’t necessary, but this is how she taught us).



Boil the eggs for 30 minutes, and pull the eggs out of the water and put them in cold water to cool.  That last part might just be so we could handle them in the time we had.


Take the egg out of it’s panty hose holder and take the string off.

Now hold up your creations and admire them.



Don’t they all look wonderful?  I’m planning on trying some other natural dies this afternoon with my kids (this afternoon being Good Friday when I write this post).

Bible Alive: Sharing the fun

So, this probably isn’t technically a Bible Alive post, but it’s Easter related, and is a way of getting your kids to think about others at holidays.


I love the Dating Divas website, they have a lot of great ideas for fun date nights, and it’s just fun to see a website devoted to making your marriage better that isn’t too serious.  Well, last week they put up a post about “egging” your friend’s house, and I LOVED this idea.


So, I asked the kids who they wanted to give eggs to and they immediately listed off 3 families (I’ll add those were the 3 families they had seen the night before).


014Then we headed off to the Dollar Tree and picked up some little things that would fit in eggs: plastic soldiers, puzzles, barrettes, links to make bracelets.  I had wanted to put together a few mini-craft kits, but didn’t get that done.


And the kids happily put things in there.  I had to show them you can fit more than 1 barrette in an egg.  But, they caught on pretty quickly.



We drove to the houses vaguely early Saturday morning, ran around like madmen hiding eggs.  The kids would run back to the car, and then Jeff or I would ring the door bell.




Only one of the famlies was home, and the kids happily ran out and gathered eggs.


The first family we think was out of town for the weekend, oops.  The last family the Dad was home, he came out looked around didn’t see the eggs, saw the sign, took it in and then I guess went back to watching TV.  They did eventually find the eggs.


Sorry for the blurriness of the pictures, but well….  It’s hard to get a good picture from a car as you’re driving away trying not to be seen.  We got caught two of the times by dead ends, but it was fun.  Both of those families said they plan on doing it next year, and I’m thinking this is a new family tradition.  It encourages the kids to think of others, which is ALWAYS a good thing.


And the shrinky dink resurrection eggs were a huge hit.  Only problem my local Joanns didn’t have the printable ones, so I had to trace out all 18 sets…… Ouch.

Math Box: Counting practice


Do your kids love Easter egg hunts?  Or just finding things?


Well, mine love it.  As soon as they had a valid excuse they got out the “Jesus Eggs” (also known as Resurrection Eggs, if you’re not in my family).



So, our math on Friday was to find the eggs and then solve the two different types of math problems:

1.  Putting the number in it’s place and gluing it down, which Superman is doing there.


2. Creating a math problem from the jelly beans in the egg.


Not too surprisingly the second one was wildly popular, but the first one was too.  So, now I need to remember to do the silly easy things more often, because it’s a great confidence booster for the boys and review of an easy skill, and good practice for the girl.

Math printable was found here.  She’s got great units for almost every holiday.