Bible Alive: Job or how to draw parallels to current events

By now we’re all very aware of the horrible events that have happened in Japan.  We’ve seen the pictures and the videos, and it’s mind numbing.  For now at least I haven’t told my kids about it because I know they are not able to cope with that.


4But, my Sunday School class is a different matter, it’s amazing what a difference of two years does for a kid’s maturity level.  With our class we’ve been reading about Job and what happened to him.


As we got to the point where everything is taken from him and his “friends” are telling him it’s obviously because Job was sinful the tsunami hit Japan.


And that’s what some people did to Japan, thankfully a very few, and I haven’t run into it all that much, but I did read a few articles and some idiotic comments of people saying this happened to Japan because they sinned.


So, we talked about this with the people in our class, and talked about how to help people who are in a hard time.  Is it helpful to tell them what a horrible person they are or some pithy saying?


006Not really, and I don’t have much I can do for Japan, but I can help educate my students how to talk to someone going through a hard time, and what not to do.


So, we brainstormed what we would want someone to do for us in that situation, and then we made cards for someone we know who who is going through a hard time (sick, injured, death in the family, lost their job, you name it).


The neatest thing of all to me was our teen helper making a card for my friend who just had their father-in-law die.


But, the great thing about Job is it doesn’t end with Job in a horrible situation.  It ends with God answering him.



And God’s answer is that He is in control of everything.  The good and the bad.


We can’t create or control the charging horse, or the mighty storms, but God can.


And yes there are horrible things in this world and we will experience them, but there is a MIGHTY God who is in heaven and He is in control.


And that’s what our final lesson was.  Creating something that shows God’s wonders, and drawing that.


Now, here’s the oddity I’m going to do.  I’m going to do a giveaway in exchange for your honest opinion in email of a book I’ve written.  I wrote Job as a kid’s Bible study with questions for little guys all the way up to adults.  I’d love to get someone’s opinion other than my own on this.  So, I’ll pick a couple of people who express interest and send them a printed copy of it for you to read an critique (couple being random number I decide on somewhere between 2 and 5).


The reason being, I’m toying with the idea of publishing the Bible stories I’ve been writing, except I want to make it a more complete idea.  I want it to be an actual Bible study.  So, let me know what you think, does that make sense?

11 thoughts on “Bible Alive: Job or how to draw parallels to current events

  1. C and R both watched some of the news coverage of the tsunami. C definitely understands more than R and they are only 19 months apart. He understands that there was devastation and destruction, but I think she just thought it was tv. It's so hard for kids to grasp something like this.

    I think I told you in email exchange that I would be happy to read anything you want to send me.

  2. I would love to examine your Job Bible study. Job is a difficult book to tackle. My little ones are 7, 5, and 2; but I teach a 9-12 year old class at our church.

  3. I love how you used your studies of Job to teach your students about God's almighty power, and how not to talk to someone going through trials and tribulations.

    I would love to read what you have put together and do an honest review of it.

  4. Job is one book in the Bible that I think really speaks to people. Nearly everyone at some point goes through difficult situations and questions God as to “Why Me?” Trusting God during these times isn't easy. And, yes, you are exactly right. God is in control and that is a great comfort.

  5. Looks like you've got quite a few to read your Bible study, but if you want another, let me know! I have thought a lot about Job in relation to what's going on in Japan, and in also with the Clouse (?) family in PA who lost their children to the fire. It's good to know sometimes, that even when our hearts are breaking, there is a bigger plan, and purpose to what is happening. I think Luke 13 is a good place to send people who talk about judgement through events – a good reminder that we're all sinners, and all deserve judgement. It's not why did that happen to them – but why hasn't it happened to me?

  6. I probably wouldn't be a good reviewer of a Bible study, but I enjoy reading about your approach. I think you make Bible events a lot more accessible. We haven't talked much about loss of life, but we do talk about nuclear problem quite a bit considering that I experienced it all first hand with Chernobyl. We try to stay positive explaining the events to Anna since she also knows that we live in an earthquake country. We never have TV on, so we avoid random bits of unwanted knowledge.

  7. Oh, come on, ya gotta let me read the book! (FYI: I was my father's Teacher Assistant in college, and he teaches at a Bible College…)

    By the way, I think the way you handled the Japan discussion was beautiful…just beautiful…

  8. Tawny- I don't have a way to contact you to get a copy to you.

    Could you either:
    1. put your email address in the comments or enable your comments to be replied to.
    2. Make your profile public so I can respond to you on your blog or another way.

    And I'll get a copy out to you.

  9. You probably have enough readers by now, but if you're still looking for people I'd love to read and critique your story!

    I assume you drew the horse? It's really good!

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