What have we read:


So, I just discovered that blogger had eaten half of a couple of my posts recently because of an editing error on my part, so if the post I wrote about my boys and a birthday book we read made no sense to you head on back and it should make A LOT more sense now, or as much sense as I usually make.


Hmmm, I might need to take a break to eat some protein.  I’ve heard that seeing spots is not a good sign.  Ugh, my head hurts.  I’ll be back in a few minutes.


Okay, I’m back a day later, and a dollar short.  Okay, not the dollar short, but it is the next day, and I’m actually wondering why I’m sitting here when my eyes hurt and I’m tired instead of going to bed……….  Okay, type fast.


Hmmmm…..  I said “okay” way too much in that paragraph.  Need sleep.


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Irving and Muktuk series- I linked to all the ones we had at our library, my boys in particular love these two mischievous bear and their adventures trying to get blueberry muffins.  I was not allowed to turn these books back in to the library


Good Knight- I only got to return it because they didn’t see me turn it in.  Very cute story of a little boy who is being forced through the different steps of bedtime and how he views what’s going on.


Bob Books- Princess has been carrying these around nonstop and mainly will read the first few red books, though she probably can read all of them.  The boys went to the latter books but are picture reading, not word reading all of it.  Now to actually sit down with them and correct where I’m sure there’s errors, but it’s a very cool sign.  Did I mention Princess won’t let these books go?  Seriously, loves the books.  I will stop mocking them in my head now.


Okay, I’ve finished my scanning, now to take my sketch book to bed and color stuff.


6 thoughts on “What have we read:

  1. We've never read anything from the Irving and Muktuk series, I bet Little J would enjoy them.

    I know what you mean about the Bob books! At least you only mock in your head. We also used a series called, “Now I am Reading” and really enjoyed them.

  2. Will have to look up the Bad Bear books, especially the detective title. My daughter wanted nothing to do with the BOB books. She hated the illustrations. Funny how all kids are different and so are their reading preferences.

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