stART: Chocolate and how it gets from the tree to my mouth Widgets

I bet you’re hungry already……  I know I am.


Actually, I’m thirsty, so I’m going to get a drink of water, take a few pictures of the end product, because I don’t have any of the process, and then come back and finish writing…….


So, I’m now eating some ridiculously healthy and delicious homemade chocolate that my friend made for the parents.  The kids ate chocolate chip cookies, the state cookie of Pennsylvania, and we got YUMMY homemade dark chocolate.

I took the little kid activity from All About Chocolate from Reading A to Z.  I printed an extra copy of the book and cut out the pictures for the kids to glue onto the sheets in order.  The older kids answered the worksheet that did the same thing.


073And that’s what the first 52 pictures on my camera looked like.  I’d watermark them, but I really doubt anyone is going to steal that.  I mean really.  FIFTY TWO pictures of Diego?  Okay, so as a kid I took a whole roll of my Cabbage Patch Kids, but at least I was posing them and trying to tell a story.


So, that’s what the first page looks like.  As you can tell, it’s fairly simple, especially since this one was numbered.  That’s what it looks like in the factory process.


Now, the farm to factory looks a bit different.






Okay, so picture quality isn’t all that great, but that’s partially because I saved on ink by not printing it in the best quality.


If you print as much as I do you need to save on ink somewhere, and this is where I choose to do that.


So, that’s the last activity I have for Pennsylvania.

All in all, it was a great state study.  I’m learning more and more of how to structure this co-op, so it’s getting better and better each week.

8 thoughts on “stART: Chocolate and how it gets from the tree to my mouth

  1. You lost me at “healthy” and “delicious” – I just can't put those two words together! I'll have to come back, and read the rest of this post once I've recovered from the splitting headache from trying to wrap my mind around that concept 🙂

  2. I love all of the comments! Ha! I would love some of that chocolate right now too. I have such a sweet tooth when I am pregnant. Today I bought a pint of Ben & Jerry's and hid it in the back of the freezer so that I can have it all to myself.

  3. yum. Chocolate is my love language!!!!! I'm totally going to check out this book.

    I've been making sugar free chocolate shakes recently to curb the chocolate cravings w/out ingesting the extra sugar that my pregnant body just doesn't need right now. (almond milk, frozen banana's, 1 Tbs cocoa and optional date or two) I'd love to see your friends recipe too!!!!

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