It’s 10:30 and the house is silent

Jeff left with the kids to let me sleep in a little more.  Have I ever mentioned the man in a saint sometimes?


So, I got up at a leisurely 9:30ish and have sat here in silence.


Now usually I play music when I’m at the computer, but right now I’m enjoying the silence.


Hear that.


That’s the sound of no kids arguing, no kids about to do something horribly dangerous.  No kids being crazy.  It’s silence.


Bless the man.  Darn, I just heard the garage my silence is gone.

10 thoughts on “It’s 10:30 and the house is silent

  1. Oh how I would love a little silence for once. I agree with Leah's mom after being there once, when the kids are grown and gone the silence is almost deafening at times. Is there ever truly a happy medium?

  2. Hi Ticia,
    They say “Great Minds Think Alike”….a lot of us had nature studies/walks this week. But seriously, I think the winter was so bad weatherwise that all the more the signs of spring are so welcomed.
    I do enjoy reading your post and all the others each Sunday…. so many creative, interesting, and fun science ideas and activities.
    Thank you for hosting each week.
    Best regards,
    Marcia 🙂

  3. Sometimes my hubby takes the kids to visit his mom on the weekend and I always choose to stay home. Nothing against the Mother in law but I just love the time alone…even if is only for an hour!

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