What we’ve read recently

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This is actually part one of two.


Maybe.  It’s been one of those weeks we’ve had great books that we keep reading over and over again.  Maybe I’ll save those for another post.


I’ll go in order from least to most favorite:


Hear My Prayer– there’s nothing wrong with this one, but it didn’t quite work for us.  It did lead to some great conversations about the prayers.  So, I can’t say it’s bad, just wasn’t my favorite.  Though I loved the illustrations.  I think this probably would make a great shower gift, it feels like that type of book, does that make sense?  Actually, I just thought of someone I know who is pregnant who would love this book.  So giving her a copy.


The Brave Young Knight– This didn’t work as much for me.  Maybe because I built it up a lot in my mind.  The first book in this series “The Princess and the Three Knights,” is one of my favorites.  For me that one worked on every single level, so I came in with super high expectations, and this one was more formulaic than I remembered the other book being.  That’s not to say the kids didn’t like it.  They really enjoyed it and the illustrations are awesome.  So, if I was doing a rating, I’d say 3 out of 5.  I’m sure it will still be read often.


Princess Grace and the Lost Kitten– I wrote about one of the other books in this series, and said it was a hit with all three.  So was this one.  Super duper cute, and great retelling of the Parable of the Lost Sheep.  And who doesn’t love cute kittens?  Okay, Jeff doesn’t, but he’s allergic to them, so no surprise.  I’d hoped to play a “Where’s your stuffed ________?” game with this, but that happens so often in real life.


Warrior– okay, so I read this one, it’s a young adult novel, and it’s book two in a series, that I’m guessing is a trilogy.  It reminded me in some ways of Eragon, though they’re not really anything alike, but maybe the flavor is similar.  Either way, I really enjoyed this series.  Basically, there are two worlds a human world, and a dragon world.  The dragons have taken some slaves for humans and now a Starlighter has come forward who could rescue the humans.  There is a definite gospel woven throughout and if you’re looking for the parallels you can see them.  But, it’s not so artificially put in that it destroys the flavor of the series.  Think more Chronicles of Narnia type flavor than say Left Behind, if that makes sense?

Anyways, I now need to go back and buy the first book in the series for this one to make more sense, and then I’ll have to buy the last book to see how it ends.  Hopefully the author for this book will come out with the next one faster than Eragon does because at the rate that series is going I’m going to lose interest (and talk about a horrible movie adaptation, really why do people feel the need to totally ruin books in the movies?)


Here’s a more official description, because reading mine is not making as much sense as I’d like:


The Dragon Prince Has Hatched In book two of the Dragons of Starlight series, the stakes are raised when the foretold prince is crowned. While Koren and Jason race to the Northlands of Starlight to find the one person who can help them free the human slaves, Elyssa and Wallace strive to convince the captives that freedom is possible. Soon, all four discover that the secrets of Starlight extend much further than they had imagined. Meanwhile, Randall and Tybalt have returned to Major Four and struggle against the dragon Magnar, who has arrived to manipulate the governor. No one knows how the prophecy will be fulfilled, but one thing is clear: more than ever, the survival of the dragons depends on humankind, and they will do anything to prevent the slaves from escaping.


Okay, I’ve rambled enough.  As usual for reviews, the books were given to get my opinion, as muddled as it is, no money exchanged hands.  Though, I wouldn’t mind being paid for reading.  I tried to convince my Mom to do that and she said she’d go broke doing that.

7 thoughts on “What we’ve read recently

  1. I read Eragon but the third book took so long to come that I did in fact lose complete interest in the series. As for the movie, my husband and I were so disappointed we only made it 20 minutes into the movie before we agreed it was a flop.

  2. Hmm I should check out the series about Princess Grace. I admit that all books I ever read about dragons and humans thought of merged together into one saga, and no book really stands out. It's just not my cup of tea, I prefer straight sci-fi with aliens instead 🙂

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