Science Sunday: Cow bones

Science Sunday

I dug this up out of my drafts because I didn’t have time to write the post I intended for today. It’s been one of those weeks. Unbelievably busy.

I’d wanted this to be further away from our chicken bone experiment, but that’s the way the cookie crumbles, so to speak.

So, every time we eat steak my boys ask if they can have the bones and give them to Mimi’s dog.  They’re always very disappointed in the answer that we didn’t buy a steak with bones in it.

And then they’re even more disappointed to find out that most bones from cows are not okay to feed dogs because they splinter.  Oh the horrors and cruelty that we won’t give the dogs a bone, they cry in pain in anguish.

Okay, that last sentence might be an exaggeration, but they are disappointed.

008 So, finally one day we ate a T-bone and I saved off the bone.  I boiled all the meat off to get to just the bone, and then washed it off.  Yes I suppose I could have let them handle the bone just as it was after we ate the steak, but after their problems with following directions on sanitation before and having to wash throw out toys……..

005 004
Then we observed the bone.  Here’s their comments:
Batman: “It’s rubbery.” describing the sides, and for the top, “It’s rough and it’s shaped like a Y.”
Superman: “It’s smooth.” for the sides, and for the top, “It’s like sandpaper.”
Princess: “It’s slippery and rubbery,” for the sides, and the top “is scratchy.”  A lot of things are scratchy right now.

It’s a fun simple science activity.  I tried to draw out their descriptions, but they weren’t interested in describing it more, mainly they were trying to figure out what kind of bone they could give to a dog because “dogs like bones Mommy.”

Don’t you just love simple activities like this?

10 thoughts on “Science Sunday: Cow bones

  1. Great idea! Love their descriptions. Be careful, my oldest nephew after realizing his meat came from cows and not just from the store quit eating meat, well unless mom could show him the store package.

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