Geography: Kansas


As I mentioned (I think, I know I did over at ABC & 123), we’re restarting our state studies with 2 other families, but I wanted to finish up posting about what we’ve done so far, before restarting it all.


This time we’re going in order of the states entering the Union.  So, on Wednesday (which will be yesterday for you guys, if I schedule this for Thursday), we’ll have studied Delaware.  And the week after that we’ll be learning about Pennsylvania.


So, any suggestions for Pennsylvania and New Jersey would be much appreciated (I have some ideas for Pennsylvania, but none yet for NJ).


However, back to Kansas:



Here’s what you see:


On the left: meadowlark, buffalo


Aunt Minnie and the Twister paintings (that’s what’s in the envelope)



On the right hand side: sunflower paintings

State symbols book (link to printable)


Twisted Tale (in the pocket are the illustrations)


And on the bottom is the life cycle of a sunflower, which dovetailed nicely with this math activity.


Other things we did, but aren’t in the book:

watched Wizard of Oz, I was going to make puppets for it, but opted not to.

made tornado proof houses.

And that’s our Kansas study……..

9 thoughts on “Geography: Kansas

  1. Seriously, not being snarky (I hope you already know that) :), but when do you find the time to plan all these projects? Do you have a once a week planning time? Or do you just have lots of supplies at your house so that you can do things at the spur of the moment? I am amazed. Really. You are doing such a great job with your kiddos. They will always remember that.

  2. I love the sunflower paintings.

    We did PA; it's such a fun state to study! We were lucky enough to go to Philadelphia for the 4th of July when we were studying the state. It was very cool.

    We haven't studied NJ yet. It's the garden state. Not the most exciting state – sorry NJ.

  3. Well, I lived in NJ for a while, and it isn't that bad! It's actually quite green with a lot of parks. There is Princeton/Einstein if you want to go that way, Jersey Shore, Atlantic City. For Anna it's simple – New Jersey is where her grandparents live 🙂
    By the way, I am also impressed with how you find time for those unit studies – very impressive.

  4. Ticia, I'd be happy to mail postcards from PA & NJ to you guys. Just email me w/your address. NJ is also home to Great Adventure (fun!), and Valley Forge. It is also well-known for its tomatoes.

    For PA there is Hershey chocolates, Liberty Bell, and Crayola Factory.

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