My blog button table

I’ve had couple of questions about how I did this.  So, here’s my super simple explanation.
1.  I opened up a word document and said Insert table.

2.  Then I changed column number to 3, and rows to 15 or so, knowing I’d need to add in extra rows.

3.  In the first column I put days of the week with a couple of rows between each day.  The second column held the name of the linky on the day it happens, and the final column was the button for that linky, so I didn’t have to keep looking them up.
blog buttons
So, that’s vaguely what it looks like.  I originally just had them in a word document, but it wasn’t in any sort of order, and I added them as I started participating in them.  This way all of the ones that I participate in/have the button for get added in as I participate.  This is actually an old screen shot, because I know I’ve added in a few more since then.

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