Happy Valentine’s Day

026sure to be updated later as we get our mail again.

Last week we headed off to mail our Valentines for our swap.  With the dog doing his best to choke himself on his collar.


They all happily took turns stuffing their cards into the mailbox.  They were so incredibly proud of themselves.

And yes, Superman is wearing a Clone Wars costume out in public.


Then a few days later they got their first surprise in the mail.  As you can tell much rejoicing was to be had.  Princess ran around wearing her necklace all day long.


Friday we headed over to Chuck E Cheese for our annual Valentine’s Day Party, where they happily handed out their Valentines we’d been busily making to all of their friends.

And then they happily plundered their loot and ate tremendously large amounts of sugar.  You’d think with all of this excitement I’d get a good nap out of them, but NOOOOOOO.  They were way too wired.

10 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day

  1. Now that's what Valentine's Day is all about (except for the part where your children weren't ready for a sleep!) So lovely to see the excitement with the Valentine's exchanges.

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