Science Sunday: Birds of a feather

Science Sunday 
Flock together.  Okay, I couldn’t resist it.

Do you remember my post about bird ideas?  Well, I’m taking an idea from it for our experiment this week.
feather exp
Supplies: feathers (preferrably several types, we only had contour feathers), bag of ice, stuff to make the feathers dirty (we used peanut butter, syrup, honey, flour), supplies to clean the bird (we used paper towels, cotton cloth, towels).

Set-up: We did this in two parts.  First observation of the feather coupled with the ice experiment, and the second part later that day for cleaning the feather.


First, observe your feather.  What type of feather is it?  What do you notice about it?

My kids all remembered what it’s purpose was, but were fuzzy on the name.  The older kids remembered the names.


We looked through our magnifying glass, and made more observations.  It wasn’t strong enough to see the barbs, but they were able to see more details.


And finally we wrote it down on our observation sheet.  My kids just drew pictures, but the older kids wrote about it.


Then they held a bag of ice (or a freezer pack) and then they held it with a bag of feathers underneath.

We all agreed the feathers do quite a nice job of insulating us from the cold.  Now they understand much better why someone might have a down blanket.

Except Jeff is allergic to down, and  according to Superman so is Blue Arrow, who he is going to grow up to be.

And then we kicked the kids out to play while we set up the next part.
And then they had to clean off a bird that had been hit by pollution.  Their feathers were covered in gunk, and they all discovered that no matter how hard they tried to clean it, you can’t get it back to where it was.

So, we were able to bring in how God created us to be stewards of the world, and it is our responsibility to care for it to the best of our ability.

I can’t wait to see what you’ve done this week, or awhile ago (I admit this happened a few weeks ago).

16 thoughts on “Science Sunday: Birds of a feather

  1. Hi Ticia, I'm trying to link up, but I don't see where I can submit my link for Science Sunday – I do see a LinkWithin link, but when I click it it just takes me to their general site. Can you help?

  2. Oh Ticia, I just LOVE this post! You know we are a bit bird-crazy here. The next time we have a bird unit we'll do this for sure. I really like understanding how it keeps the bird warm, and how you brought stewardship for God's little creatures into it – good job, mama!! 🙂

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