Ancient Greeks


We read about Sparta and Athens and did a Venn diagram about the cities.  Honestly the kids didn’t get much about this, but after a lot of repeating and reminding they got the gist of the two cities.


It simplified down to Sparta fights a lot, and everyone fought in their town, everyone learns how to be a soldier.


Athens is the city of art and democracy.  That simplified down to art.  All the discussion of how their government was just flew over their heads.


021And they were the same because they were both city-states.


But that’s boring.  We finished up by taking the same pots from our earlier sunflower game and made them into greek pots.


And the boys pots were very greek showing fantastic battle scenes.  I’m not sure what Princess’ was.



Now head on over to Children Grow, Children Explore, Children Learn to see what other people are doing for history or geography.

10 thoughts on “Ancient Greeks

  1. You will be surprised how great this lesson absorbed in the mind the next time you visit a lesson around Greece, children are tricky like that but they have very good memories. The pots were a very creative tie in. Thank you for sharing.

  2. love to read your posts, hardly ever comment, but did want to say that if I lived near you and I know for a fact “our” schools aren't as many over there I'd unite and ask you to pretty please take on another homeschooling student….There's a mom at our church that is a single mom and her two kids go to another homeschooling mom and they get it done! Fun stuff.

  3. I remember when I learned about Ancient Greece in 6th grade, we had painted spaghetti jars brown and then painted scenes on the side, similar to what you did 🙂

  4. If you are like us, we will have gone over the Greeks four times before they graduate. Like Leah said, each time you add another layer of knowledge on the layer you have planted before. Don't worry too much about getting it all at this age. There is plenty of time.

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