Homemade bird feeder

Science Sunday
One of the links from my super bird links list was to a homemade bird house.  I like the idea, but right now we needed to build a bird feeder, so I adopted it to our needs.
Supplies: milk carton with lid, sharp knife, sharpies, bird seed, rope


1.  Cut a hole in your bird feeder.  I probably cut a bit larger than is preferable, but I cut out the indent that’s in a milk carton.


2.  Let your kids have fun coloring the milk carton.

3.  Sorry, no picture of this.  I stabbed an x-shape on each side of the milk carton with the knife, and then I fed the rope through in two loops and tied those loops off.


4.  Carefully pour in the bird seed.  For ours it took about 3 cups to fill it to a satisfactory level.

And apparently the pictures of my finished hanging up in the yard bird feeder are missing somewhere, so imagine a wonderful bird feeder hanging up until such time as I take pictures with my old camera or find my camera charger.

So far we’ve eagerly looked to see if any birds have come and no such luck.  I might have to break down and get a real bird feeder, or it could just be I need to have patience.

10 thoughts on “Homemade bird feeder

  1. How cool! I am going back and forth between two possible crafts for the next week – your bird feeder or Valerie's pretend bird house. Considering that we actually went to a lot of trouble to convince birds not to poop on our garden table, I might go for pretend.

  2. When we hung up a bird feeder, it took a while for the birds to find it. Then everything in our yard ended up covered in bird poop and I couldn't take it anymore. If I had a huge yard, I would hang one way out because I do like to see the birds and help them in this weather.

  3. I am just stopping by for the first time via “Our Side of the Mountain” blog. Very cool! This makes me want to post a science activity just so I can link up. I loved browsing the links- I did not get to them all, but plan to come back for more reading. I love your bird feeder- my boys would have a blast making one.

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