My phonics reading game

Well, there weren’t many suggestions on where to get some quick phonics games, aside from a suggestion of getting Happy Phonics, which I’ve heard is awesome, but I don’t want to buy another curriculum.  I was really looking more for a couple of quick games that were online somewhere that I could print.

And, so I made up our game in a few minutes.  I’m probably going to make a second game for the rest of the short A words they use rather than having my kids do the worksheets, but I’m not going to share that since I’m just going to copy their pictures, and that would be violating copyright…
short vowel game

Supplies needed: printable (click on the picture)
scissors to cut pieces apart

How we played it.  First I cut the pieces apart so the word and picture were still attached to each other.  That let them look at the word and know which picture went with it.  I didn’t want them thinking the picture for mug went with the picture for cup.

Then I finished cutting it apart, and only passed out about half of the cards.

This kept the game at about a 5 minute length, which meant we got to play several rounds during their attention span, rather than just one or two………
This particular time we did it as a Go Fish variation, but it could easily be used for memory, or any of the other little kid card games.


11 thoughts on “My phonics reading game

  1. Games are great and I used some ideas from a Phonemic Awareness book. I have it posted on my blog somewhere. If you're interested, I can look for it. You can probably get thebook from the library. Photocopy the pages which contain game boards.

  2. That is a great printable. I think games are a great way to learn. When I taught 8th grade English, every Friday was game day. The kids thought of it as a day off from schoolwork, but they learned so much playing the games.

  3. I finally printed this after being reminded of it at Activity Mom. (Before I had just saved it to my favorites.)

    I love that you let us alter it. I saved it as a Word document so I could put in our own Dad picture. Thanks so much!

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