I’m updating and fidgeting with stuff

I think all of the pages up above have stuff under them now.  None of them are really done, but they’re better.


I’m in the process of editing pages, I’ve come to the conclusion I do like how it looks with the pictures watermarked.  Which is a small thing, but I need to go back through and edit as many of the pictures as I feel up to with a goal of getting them all watermarked some century soon.


And, slowly, but surely I’m getting it all sorted out.  I’m still trying to figure out how I want to show off the different blogs I like without having this huge blog roll.  Any suggestions?

8 thoughts on “I’m updating and fidgeting with stuff

  1. Looks good. I have the same blog roll issue. I took it off for a while because I feel bad that I don't have every single blog that I follow on there, but I put it back because I like having it there. I have seen some people have blog roll in there menu and it links to a huge list of blogs. I can't wait to see what you do. You are making me itchy for a new blog design!

  2. I haven't quite figured out the whole blog roll thing either. What I did do is set it so that only the 10 most recent updates show. Any person can click at the bottom of the list to have it expand to the the hundreds I am following. It seems to keep the page cleaner and keeps everyone here. I'm considering adding a second blog roll of my top ten favorite places to visit that won't be determined by the timing of the last post. However, that will mean that I will need to choose 10- which in itself could be a super challenge! There are so many great blogs out there! Your reorganization looks great!

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