Quick tip for reading

I know, it’s totally one most of you have thought of, but this is really working for us!

Each day for reading the kids are writing their words for the day on an index card.  After they’ve written the word, they turn the card over and illustrate it.

I then bind them into a book, and they tell stories from it.  First they read the word and then flip the card over and expand on the word with a multi-sentence story.  But, they LOVE this!  I mean LOVE!

Finally, I feel like we’re making progress with reading.  Oh, and I’m thinking I’ll be designing a beginning reader game soon, so stay tuned for that.

I’ll probably eventually hook this up to ABC and 123, and maybe Works for Me Wednesday, Writer’s World (over at Giggles and Flowers).

11 thoughts on “Quick tip for reading

  1. It's interesting that you are making progress with reading through writing and drawing. I was just contemplating the other day how my incredibly proficient reader cannot spell and doesn't want to write. It's amazing how every child is different in their journey to literacy.

  2. Great idea! Little J's year has been heavy on writing and his teacher always has them illustrate their work. I think it has helped him organize his thoughts and extend his stories. I'll have to remember your idea for this summer.

  3. I'll have to try it with my daughter. She loves making up her own rhyming word books, but we've never tried anything with random words. She has weekly words from school that we write each week on the bathtub wall. Seeing and reading them every night helps her and me remember to practice!

    Looking forward to seeing your beginning reader game.

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