Fun and quick Christmas cards and gift tags

As you know we usually make our wrapping paper……..

And if I could get this new version of Livewriter to actually put in pictures from a webpage I’d share it with you too, but it’s so not being cooperative.

So, instead I’ll just head straight to how to make the card.

Supplies needed:  cardstock for card (cut to 6×8, that’s what fit the envelopes I bought), brown paper, green paper, glitter glue, stamps)


1.  Fold paper in half.

2.  Cut out a small brown paper rectangle for the trunk.  (Can you tell how easy this will be?).


3.  Glue down a triangle for the tree (I precut out all of our triangles, but I’ve seen where the Mom drew the triangle and let the kids cut it out, and that turned out super cute!  I’m feeling lazy but the one I’m thinking of is over at Katie’s Nesting Spot).

4.  Decorate with glitter glue.


3b.  Actually before you decorate with glitter glue stamp the inside with a cute Christmas stamp and saying……….  That’d be good to do first.


Then take some of your leftover cardstock and cut into 2×3 rectangles, more or less.  Let each kid stamp one picture on each card.  Be vigilant on this or your cards will be covered in stamps with no room to write names.

Not that I have any experience with this………

And if you haven’t gotten your Christmas card from me yet it has absolutely nothing to do with my not having addressed them at all, okay it does.  I’m also struggling with what to write for a Christmas letter, it’s been a really weird year for us.  That’s been my big reason.

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