The Christmas Story

I finally got these all written and uploaded.  The story of getting it done is an event all in and of itself……..  So, here goes, right from the beginning and more or less all done.

And now that I’m a little closer to copying more pictures over I can actually write posts.

Jesus’ Family Tree
21Jesus Family Tree

I’m odd in that I find genealogies in the Bible rather interesting to try and pick out names I recognize or ones I don’t expect.  The same is true with Jesus.

The Birth of John and Jesus Announced
22The Birth of John and Jesus Announced
I always find it fun to compare the two reactions.  Mary is just accepting and Zechariah is disbelieving.  It’s interesting to me.

The Birth of John
23birth of John

Again, it’s all in the reactions of the story, the neighbors trying to tell her she’s picked the wrong name amuses me.

The Birth of Jesus
24birth of Jesus

As I was reading this I realized I’d never noticed part of the shepherds’ reaction.  I’d never realized the shepherds had immediately gone out and told everyone what they’d seen.  That means all of the town knew what had happened.

Celebrating Jesus!
25Celebrating Jesus

I love the different reactions of people who see Jesus when He is born.  All of them praise God when they see Him if they see Him face to face.  But those who don’t are scheming different reactions.

8 thoughts on “The Christmas Story

  1. Thanks for sharing. I love all of your work. I think it's funny, I too noticed for the first time the shepards reactions. I guess when you are paying more attention to the details of the story to tell the story to your kids, you notice new things. (Or maybe God had a new lesson for me to learn in this story.)

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