Our Christmas Around the World Books and such stuff

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So, a few of these are not from that unit, and most of our tour around the world was not actually Christmas books.  See, my library didn’t have huge amounts of those books, so I was kinda outa luck in that area.


Biggest Hits:


Bridget and the Gray Wolves- My kids loved the story of a little girl who went from timid to brave and how it happened.


Hansel and Gretel- My kids thought the whole concept of tricking a witch was hilarious (and ummm it was not that version, just the story).


Gingerbread Man- This one it actually was that story and it was a huge hit


Elves and the Shoemaker- another big hit.  I did it with the elves saying a rhyme, which the kids thought very cool.


Not big hits, but good


Great Joy- I love the art work, and the story about a little girl trying her best to reach out to a poor man.  It’s a little too serious to be a big request here.  Come to think of it, it reminds me of “The Christmas Miracle of Jonothan Toomey.”


Jingle Bells-  It takes the Christmas song and uses that tune to tell a short little blurb about Christmas around the world.  Only problem being it tells you about each country in 2 sentences, so not really enough to explain anything.  But, it’s a good introduction.


Still looking forward to reading to the kids:


The Hawaiian Night Before Christmas-  It’s a little book (literally) and it looks to be so cute.


The Hawaii Snowman- another book that looks to be really cute, they just came in the mail at the end of this week, so it’s going to be fun to read these as part of our Hawaii unit.


Any suggestions for books about any of those countries?  In particular do you have any kid friendly ones about Saint Lucia or Saint Nicholas?  Our study of Sweden really suffered because I didn’t have any really good books to tie hooks into their Christmas traditions.

7 thoughts on “Our Christmas Around the World Books and such stuff

  1. All these are new books to me. The snow men in Hawaii sound cute. Bridget and the Gray Wolves reminds me of a series I read with Julie of the Wolves. It's neat to see a children's book with a story including wolves.

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