Christmas Around the World: Iclenad

017Or at least Christmas cooking in Iceland……..


So, an Iceland tradition is to make leaf bread.  I was going to make it from scratch and had included a recipe for it in my printables, but as I was looking at it I realized it makes a lot, and it measures it in a way I don’t have an easy way to measure.  I don’t have a kitchen scale, so I’m not sure how I’d measure out 2 pounds of flour.


So, I opted to use canned biscuits and let them try and shape them into leaf shapes.  Which lasted for all of 10 seconds, and changed into this:



I think that particular one is a snowman.  Maybe.  They changed what they were making constantly.






And here he’s making his biscuit into a beard.  I really can’t make this stuff up.


Well after they’d played with it sufficiently they let me fry up their bread.  Leaf bread is fried in oil.  Afterwards we rolled ours in sugar to make it sweet, I don’t think that’s strictly speaking an Icelandic tradition, but it was fun.


The boys weren’t too keen on them, but Princess and I loved them.  Then we had some friends over that afternoon to finish off the mystery and the kids devoured the rest while the Moms kicked them outside to play.  It was loads of fun.


A bit of history behind this:

Traditionally in Iceland they don’t have a lot of grain and flour products because their growing season is so short.  So, they traditionally will have lots of breads and cakes at holidays and things because that is the main time they get to eat them.  So, for them it was a big deal to have leaf bread and it was a made into works of art.

Just wait tomorrow I have a whole different side of Iceland to share with you (it’s one our whole family found incredibly amusing).


9 thoughts on “Christmas Around the World: Iclenad

  1. Okay – so I looked it up – it looks like fancy fry bread, with sugar added – very interesting! Did you check out fry bread when you passed through Navajo country on your summer trip (it was you who passed through Navajo country wasn't it?)?

  2. Gotta hand it to you – your children know how to be creative and have fun! The beard is something that my children would find hilarious.

    I really like your idea of buying small ornaments and putting them together in a cute tin. I can't wait for the Christmas sales – I will be stocking up for our activities for next Christmas and now I will be keeping my eye out for itty bitty ornaments that I can put together in a tin.

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