Things I wonder

How did THREE pairs of scissors end up in my daughter’s bedroom?


How my kids can take 50 pictures like this?


How do we use up 4 rolls of tape in a week? (actually that I know, I just have to take a picture to show you.  I’ll give you a hint it involves kids wrapping presents).


How my daughter can cover herself in marker but not her paper?003


Or for that matter how she can sit there for 20 minutes snipping paper into confetti, but can’t sit still long enough to listen to a five minute story?


How they can wear a bandage like this for days and think it’s cool?


How they can sleep like this?

My neck hurts just looking at it.  But it is cute.


How does Princess keep finding markers?  I swear I’ve taken away more markers.


Where does my hole punch go?


Where do my socks go?  I think I have a laundry gnome.


That’s my wonderings for the day.  In theory I’ll have a more useful post up later, but I’m feeling silly.


8 thoughts on “Things I wonder

  1. Girl, if you get it all figured out let me know. Especially about the scissors and tape. Abbie got a book about making homemade Christmas presents and she really does have the best of intentions. She is also making a really big mess!

  2. Leah cracked me up, but then followed by Natalie I laughed even harder, since I don't know how many times I hear it get quiet only to go in and ask, What do you have now? Only to discover Selena hiding something from me, a pair of scissors, a marker…one child truly isn't any easier.

  3. Was his head actually hurt, or was the bandage just for fun?

    What I want to know, is how one of our chairs got drawn on, and when…

    And I have a solution for your socks problem. Throw them in those lingerie bags before washing them. Of course, you have to remember to do that for it to work…

  4. Ohhh….It's like you are living in my head. I thought it was just my daughter who loves marker. She got a hold of a sharpie and drew all over herself. I had to send her to therapy class covered in red sharpie. Her clothes covered most of it but WOW!!!

    I can never find my tape or hole punch, except in the kid's rooms. And our five year old gave herself sooo many hair cuts it is not funny. She can find scissors so quickly, they should send her out to find Hoffa's boyd. She could probably do it!! I love this!!

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