Math Links: Counting by 5’s


033Did you ever have a sudden brainstorm and then think of all sorts of things to do with it as you’re in the process of doing something?


I did while creating our math lesson for the week.  They’ve been struggling with counting by fives, and so I wanted to make a game out of it.



So we traced and cut out enough hands to count by 5’s all the way up to 100.


Mac helped by chewing on the scraps and trying to eat our socks.  Okay, that wasn’t really helpful.



Then we retired to the kitchen table and started to play our game.  I passed out hands to everyone until we ran out and we took turns putting our numbers down as our numbers came up.


Next we took turns identifying our numbers.  If they knew what the number was they got to keep it, if not it went back into the pile.  I did make it into a game of you have to get at least 3 to get a prize, and the person with the most got two prizes.  I’m still trying to get rid of Halloween candy, so they’re still randomly getting candy.


And, if you’re curious about all of my AMAZING ideas you’ll have to wait for next week’s post over at ABC and 123 where I reveal my many and amazing ideas.  No, really they’re spectacular.  Or, maybe I just believe that.


Now head on over to Joyful Learner to see more great math ideas.

9 thoughts on “Math Links: Counting by 5’s

  1. How clever! How about getting five before passing out five candies each! You just gave me an idea to do a five day where everything is five! Should have thought of this for the fifth day of December!

  2. Mac may not be helpful, but he is SO adorable! What a shame that Mike just tested super allergic to dogs AND cats. His allergist said we can have a fish…

    And I love the hands for counting by fives. Are you a regular feature on ABC now?

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