History: Rennaissance Festival


What would a year in our family be without Rennaissance Festival pictures?  And the cool stuff we learned there?  And the kids as always were super excited to sleep in a hotel.  I’m not quite sure why that’s so exciting.


Or course, there’s the non-historical just fun stuff like carousel rides.  I don’t know what the boys did while we rode, but Princess and I had a blast on the carousel.  Or she did, I had to stand, because she said she needed me next to her.


Oh well.013


We learned about pan pipes and how they make music (which is also a science lesson), and how people used to use those for their music.

I came so close to buying one for them….




There was much discussion about knights and how they dressed and what their armor was.



Superman hunted all over and finally found a store that had cuddly toys.  He got to stuff a dragon at a store very like Build-a-Bear.




Princess got a gryphon pet, or a bird.  It really depends on how she’s feeling for what she calls it.  She was so excited by it and thought it was the cooolest thing until Superman got a cuddly pet, then she wasn’t so excited by it.  But, it’s okay Mommy has a gryphon pet too, and she likes that her gryphon pet is my gryphon’s baby.




Batman chose an ax as his item this year.  Yes, we let him get it because we really needed more trips to the ER.  We had a very long talk about how and when to use it.  And so far he’s obeyed the rules.  It was fun to watch him madly swinging and fighting the invisible foes.  Especially amusing as we listened to “Voyage of the Dawn Treader” on the way down, and had just heard the chapter with the dufflepods and their being invisible.


My favorite part of the year was getting to see a demonstration of spinning, weaving, and carding.  It was fascinating, to me, not so much to everyone else.  But Jeff nicely herded them away and showed them something dangerous, like the smithy.  Or, maybe he just distracted them and kept Batman from hitting anyone with his ax.


All in all, it was a fun day of learning and game playing, and dressing up.  I personally found it amusing that Superman decided to wear his trooper shirt and say he was a knight, Batman wore his cowboy vest, knight shirt, and Santa hat and declared himself a pirate.


Oh and walking in a skirt designed for a hoop skirt without one is a little tricky.  I forgot my hoop skirt, and that was a slight problem by the end of the day………..


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10 thoughts on “History: Rennaissance Festival

  1. We went to a Renaissance festival once when C was really little, but my husband doesn't really care for them. Bummer! He doesn't like anything where adults dress in costumes – he's a poor sport! He doesn't like theater either, so I'm on my own for all of this type of stuff.

    I love the ax!!! I love the Santa hat too!

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